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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 17:33:48 EDT

    John> Mark Leisher wrote:
>> The combination of these two can be used to generate any of the
>> contextual shapes from the nominal shapes for scripts like Arabic and
>> Hebrew, assuming your font(s) have all the necessary glyphs.

    John> The trouble is that there's evidence that the Hebrew final forms
    John> aren't used merely contextually. Robert Hetzron's article on Hebrew
    John> in _The World's Major Languages_ (Comrie, ed.; ISBN 0-19-630632-9
    John> hbk, 0-19-506511-5 pbk) states that non-final PEH is often used to
    John> indicate final [p] in non-native words, as final PEH normally
    John> denotes [f].

I wasn't very clear. What I intended to convey is that ZWJ and ZWNJ can be
used to get the shape desired. As you mention above, the case of these
borrowed words would require typing a ZWJ after the PEH when you want [p]
(nominal shape) and not [f] (final shape).
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