Re: 5 Hebrew Consonances Shaping

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 17:50:35 EDT

Mark Leisher wrote:

> I wasn't very clear. What I intended to convey is that ZWJ and ZWNJ can be
> used to get the shape desired. As you mention above, the case of these
> borrowed words would require typing a ZWJ after the PEH when you want [p]
> (nominal shape) and not [f] (final shape).

I'm fine with this except for "require". My point is that canonicalizing
away Hebrew final forms is probably a bad idea. Per Jonathan Rosenne,
it's better to leave them alone. This is quite different from the
Arabic situation where the shape-less forms from the main Arabic
block are the sensible ones to use.

There are analogues elsewhere: GREEK FINAL SIGMA is usually treated
as a separate character, not a shape; various pseudo-ligatures like
LETTER AE, LETTER SHARP S and even LETTER W are treated as letters
and not "resolved" to their components.

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