Re: UTF-7 is dead

From: Mark H. David (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 22:36:45 EDT

At 03:09 AM 5/26/99 +0200, Patrik Fältström wrote:
>At 15.25 -0700 1999-05-25, Mark H. David wrote:
>> >all of the time. There's no need to waste the space on UTF-7 when
>> >UTF-8 will do.
>>I don't get it. It won't do.
> [MIME makes UTF-8 work.]

I know about that, but I think the argument was that UTF-8 would work
because mail agents are all 8-bit clean. They're not.

Meanwhile, a very important mail client was just released with MIME
encoding OFF by default: Outlook Express 5.0. I have recommended
to persons at Microsoft that they have it default to ON.

It's not so easy for the average user to figure out how to set this
up right so that UTF-8 or even Latin-1 will work in the face of
non-8-bit-clean mail agents. I think we can agree this will help
lessen the need for UTF-7.


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