Re: 5 Hebrew Consonances Shaping

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 13:23:05 EDT

>> ... probably a bad idea
    Mark> I would go further: it's wrong. The theory of operation for Hebrew
    Mark> in Unicode is that final forms are explicitly there or not. You do
    Mark> not present (much less change to) final forms at the end of words
    Mark> unless there's a final form there. I think this was more or less
    Mark> clearly stated in the description of the Hebrew block in the Unicode
    Mark> Standard book.

I was not altogether correct when I mentioned shaping from the nominal form in
our system. Here is the procedure in detail:

1. When Hebrew text is loaded from a file
   A. final forms are converted to nominal followed by a ZWNJ
   B. nominal forms (that have final equivalents) are followed by a ZWJ

2. When Hebrew text is entered from a standard Hebrew keyboard (or variants),
   the keys representing final forms insert the nominal character followed by
   a ZWNJ and the nominal forms are inserted with a following ZWJ.

This does expand the size of the text, but for most of our purposes, this
greatly simplifies writing code to process the text.
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