Re: [nelocsig] Internationalization--the next generation

From: Andre Pellet (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 15:36:02 EDT

> Is anyone out there doing any work or research along these lines?
> Comments would be welcome.


It is interesting that your conference brought this up...We have been
working with a number of our clients to develop the "next generation" of
localization which will allow the products to reflect the interface,
metaphors and objectives of the local user. The problem with previous
attempts has been that they have resulted in many different code-versions,
making it impossible to support.

We envision a central code engine that is "smart" enough to serve localized
interfaces, features, etc. as needed. This provides the flexibility, with
the controlled code-maintenance. It would be possible then that certain
features may not even be available for certain regions...

One of the problems with such a system is that it needs a robust help system
(data driven), that can also change to meet the "locale" reguirements.

Just food for thought...

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