Re: [nelocsig] Internationalization--the next generation

From: Suzanne Topping (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 15:58:58 EDT

>We envision a central code engine that is "smart" enough to serve localized
>interfaces, features, etc. as needed. This provides the flexibility, with
>the controlled code-maintenance. It would be possible then that certain
>features may not even be available for certain regions...

COOL!!! Do you mean that the code base would not be modified or customized,
there would be one code base for all the loclized UIs? That's what it sounds
like, and
is exactly what I was picturing.

Interesting concept.

Just out of curiosity, why did your client decide to invest in this?

>One of the problems with such a system is that it needs a robust help
>(data driven), that can also change to meet the "locale" reguirements.

Hmmmn, I'll bet there are lots of similar implications... printed
documentation for example. Lets say that for one locale a function is
accessed through a button, and for another locale the same function is
accessed through a list box. The documentation would have to be pretty
significantly modified during localization.

Of course, many people want to get rid of documentation anyway...

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