RE: Internationalization--Phone Number Writing Conventions

From: Nelson Minar (
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 15:36:51 EDT

This is way off topic, but since everyone seems to be enjoying the
chatter I'll pop up once.

Clive Hohberger says:
>The history of the use of "1" in the US is interesting.
>[history of 1 as prefix vs. 1 as country code deleted]

Do you have any documentation about the original purpose of the 1? My
belief is that it really was a command, not a trojan country code.
Otherwise, why do I have to dial something special in the US to dial
any other country? It's not even 1!

>Also: Keep in mind that "http://" is also an escape sequence. My web
>address is not "" it is ""

No, emphatically no. Your "web address" is a URL, and to be well
formed an absolute URL must include a protocol designator in the
front. This actually matters - your home page could just as well be, or, or even

Eliding the http:// is a shorthand that some web browsers happen to
support. Netscape even goes further - you can just ask it to open
"zebra" and will assume you mean (in a rather
US-centric way).

Namespaces are hard, and they are important. The real solution for all
of this is URNs, but that's a whole 'nother complicated discussion.

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