Re: Internationalization--Phone Number Writing Conventions

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 23:29:30 EDT


Well, it seems that just about everything in this mail was disagreed
with, so much like
a Hyena, I will jump in to devour the last part of the carcass ;=)

"Hohberger, Clive P." wrote:
> PLEASE, Europeans, don't write +49 056 1234 for your phone number.
> That is embedding
> an escape sequence "0" within your real phone number +49 56 1234.
> Even +49 (0)56 1234
> is better, at least it reminds people that there is something
> special about the zero.

I understand the suggestion for using parentheses, as parens often mean
optional. However, as many people use
parens for area code, in this context it just suggests to me, that
whenever I type 49, I would also type the zero.


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