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Marion Gunn <> asked:

>Michael Everson wrote:
>> Well, it was expensive. Consider the need to republish all dictionaries,
>> encyclopaediae, card catalogues, etc.
>Speaking of card catalogues, I have 100s of 1000s of 6x4s to convert to
>(a) photocopy collections; (b) microfilm collections; (c) digital
>collections. Even Xerox tells me they cannot provide a little feeder to
>do (a)! As the cards are handwritten, (a) must be done first, for
>editing purposes. Has anyone else advice to give on automating this?

Retrospective conversion is technical term for this.

The American Library Association has on Interest Group on
   The Retrospective Conversion LITA/ALCTS Joint Interest Group
   provides information to those preparing for, or involved in,
   the process of retrospective conversion, with emphasis on the
   most current details available on technology and programming
   changes or advances"
For contacts see
I don't know whether the IG has its own list.

Here are a couple of more general lists where you could post your

LITA-L (run by the Library and Information Technology
Association, a Division of ALA)
   Lita-L is an on-line discussion group which allows LITA
   members (and others interested in library technology) to
   exchange information, ask questions, and post employment
   opportunities and other announcements.
Details at

AUTOCAT (the main forum for cataloging issues)
   AUTOCAT is a semi-moderated international electronic
   discussion list running on LISTSERV(R) software. It serves as
   an electronic forum for the discussion of all questions
   relating to cataloging and authority control in libraries.
   The range of topics discussed extends from the very broad to
   the very specific, from the very theoretical to the most
Details at

One of my colleagues assures me that feeders for catalog cards
did exist at one time, but we don't know who manufactured them.

 -- Joan Aliprand
    Research Libraries Group


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