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Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 11:12:08 EDT

This has not been discussed, but the convention in Hebrew is to use the Latin A to F.


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> Subject: Hexadecimal in many scripts (ISO 14755)
> Hexadecimal numbers use the first 6 digits of the Latin alphabet to
> represent digit values 10-15. ISO 14755 specifies a fall-back
> hexadecimal keyboard entry method that allows to enter all Unicode
> characters on any keyboard, and it requires that the first 6 letters
> of whatever alphabet is represented on that keyboard are also accepted
> as hexadecimal digits 10-15.
> I am currently thinking about implementing ISO 14755 for xterm, so I
> wonder what the first 6 letters of each of the alphabets supported by
> xterm are. Unfortunately, the final draft of ISO 14755 that I have
> does not provide any guidance here, and at least for Hangul, I have
> been told by a local native speaker not to use just the first 6
> Unicode positions.
> Here is what I have so far as the first 6 characters of all alphabets
> for which X Windows knows keyboard codes:
> 0x0ce0, 0x05d0 hebrew_aleph א HEBREW LETTER ALEF
> 0x0ce1, 0x05d1 hebrew_bet ב HEBREW LETTER BET
> 0x0ce2, 0x05d2 hebrew_gimel ג HEBREW LETTER GIMEL
> 0x0ce3, 0x05d3 hebrew_dalet ד HEBREW LETTER DALET
> 0x0ce4, 0x05d4 hebrew_he ה HEBREW LETTER HE
> 0x0ce5, 0x05d5 hebrew_waw ו HEBREW LETTER VAV
> I feel fairly confident about Greek, Cyrillic, and Hangul, however I
> would greately appreciate for someone knowledgeable with the other
> scripts to confirm whether a native user of these scripts would
> recognize the selected characters as the "first six" and would be
> happy to use them on her keyboard to enter hexadecimal numbers.
> Thanks!
> Markus
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