Re: Hexadecimal in many scripts (ISO 14755)

From: Alain LaBont\i\ (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 10:24:28 EDT

A 06:02 99-06-04 -0700, Markus Kuhn a écrit :
>Hexadecimal numbers use the first 6 digits of the Latin alphabet to
>represent digit values 10-15. ISO 14755 specifies a fall-back
>hexadecimal keyboard entry method that allows to enter all Unicode
>characters on any keyboard, and it requires that the first 6 letters
>of whatever alphabet is represented on that keyboard are also accepted
>as hexadecimal digits 10-15.

Well, it is an option... if another script than the latin script is used

Alain LaBonté
Project Editor, ISO/IEC 14755

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