Re: Some thoughts on character decomposition

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Jun 05 1999 - 14:24:56 EDT

Jonathan Coxhead scripsit:

> Also, the rules about the way in which line breaks can happen are
> not specified clearly (to me, anyway) by the Unicode standard.

See .

> For some characters, "breaking" or "non-breaking" properties are
> specified, but it is not always clear what others do. (E g, there is
> no NON-BREAKING SOLIDUS, so if my software breaks a line at a SOLIDUS,
> how can I stop it? There is no BREAKING FULL STOP, so if I wish to
> write a U R L with optional line breaks between the components, how
> can I do that?)

In the first case, use a ZWNBSP (U+FEFF) before or after the solidus
as the case may be. In the second case, use a ZWSP (U+200B) after
each full stop.

John Cowan
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