RE: Hexadecimal character entry (ISO 14755)

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Date: Sun Jun 06 1999 - 19:32:50 EDT

Localization of A-F makes no sense, though! We aren't talking about localizing 0-9 are we? Or have we all forgotten about the many different encodings of numbers than can be used?

Although I personally would prefer entering hex values, decimal values have always been used in that past because people actually have learned 10-key (and nobody has learned "16-key"... the Babylonians would be so annoyed with us). I used to keep a cheat sheet and use Alt-xxx in DOS days and learned Alt-0xxx for Windows. What's one more stupid digit? Especially if I could abbreviate items by not entering non-significant zeroes.

Think of the benefits too: L-1 characters go back to just three keystrokes (plus Alt). ;-)



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As others have indicated, entering 4-digit hex values definitely would not be my
preferred way of entry for arbitrary Unicode characters. For characters that are
frequently use, I favour the idea of user-definable input methods. I don't
oppose the idea, though, since it *will* get used, by people like Markus, and
probably by me on some occasion. (I have a Word macro that allows me to enter
any Unicode character, which is what I usually end up using when I want to
experiment with arbitrary Unicode characters, but I certainly don't want to
spend the rest of my life limited to that.)

My main concern is with the attempt to "localise" the hexadecimal digits by
allowing A-F to be replaced by characters from other scripts, which is what this
discussion thread started with. (Can anybody tell me what the first six Chinese
characters are?)


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