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Date: Sun Jun 06 1999 - 22:41:35 EDT

At 14:42 -0700 6/5/1999, Arash Zeini wrote:
>Thank you very much for the answers.
>So if I understand it right, there is nothing I can really do right now,
>beside waiting, if I don't want to go the way of other plug-ins...
>Important for us is to publish our texts on the WWW where everybody can
>have access to them via IE5 or more ...
We really must help U. Köln offer their Tamil files on the Web instead of
(or at least in addition to) their Gopher server.

Unitype Global Office provides fonts and input facilities for Tamil through
Microsoft Office, including Word97. Alis Tango browser can correctly
display Tamil. I have downloaded Avvaiyar's Athichoodi in Tamil and English
from the Web at and printed it on
an HP Laserjet for a Tamil co-worker who tells me that it came out right.

I suggest that you look at the Tamil pages which exist, starting with

> Human Languages Page
>nguages+and+Literature%5c%5c0Tamil Languages and Literature, Tamil

and these results from there and from a Yahoo! search.

> - meeting and discussion location for the
>Tamil language and culture, in Tamil script. To view the Tamil script
>contents of these pages (as with the Vikatan and numerous other sites on
>the Net), you will need the Anjal software which is freely downloadable
>or from
> World Tamil Web
>news:soc.culture.tamil Usenet - soc.culture.tamil

and ask the people there how they do it.

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