Re: Some thoughts on character decomposition

Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 15:23:27 EDT

But this still doesn't deal with what started this discussion: the insertion of
ZWSP into a URL that is cited in a document so that it will wrap. When somebody
tries to *use* that URL by cut/paste, even if they end up with

that URL doesn't point to what it was intended to, and some users out there will
not have the foggiest idea why they get an error ("these dumb machines never do
what you want"). So there is a usability issue in inserting ZWSP into a URL to
make it look pretty.


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John Cowan wrote...

> Ah, I see. IOW, a window into which URLs can be pasted should
> reject non-ASCII characters, or perhaps ask if they should be
> re-encoded.

Rather, a *field* functioning as a container/displayer for a URL should convert
the incoming Unicode string (your copy/paste format IS Unicode, isn't it???)
into percent escaped stuff...


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