Re: unicode and right-to-left

From: Arash Zeini (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 20:03:36 EDT

Dear Matan,

You may want to take a look into UniEdit, which supports Unicode for Hebrew
with different fonts. The URL is:

And also IE5 already supports Hebrew and right-to-left. So that could be an
option for you too.

Also Wordcruncher is supportiv for right-to-left:
(However they have changed their pages, so happy surfing and finding!)

With best wishes,

At 16:27 09.06.99 -0700, you wrote:
>With all the impressive work that seems to go on in unicode and multilingual
>support, I haven't heard of anyone mention right to left (Bidi) support.
If i
>remember the standard right, for full (or even lever 1) ISO 10646 support,
>Bi-directional should be supported.
>I use Hebrew, and as such this aspect of unicode is very important to me (and
>many other people around me.) is there any work done on this subject? Can I
>help this effort by testing or even writing code? I can probably gather more
>Bidi users for testing then most of the people on the project.
>dose someone on one of the mailing lists know how is in charge of this
>in the linux unicode project? Is there someone in the MULE community who can
>guide me to the right place in the code to add such support?
> thanks in advance,
> Matan Ninio, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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