unicode and right-to-left

From: Matan Ninio (ninio@cs.huji.ac.il)
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 19:33:06 EDT

With all the impressive work that seems to go on in unicode and multilingual
support, I haven't heard of anyone mention right to left (Bidi) support. If i
remember the standard right, for full (or even lever 1) ISO 10646 support,
Bi-directional should be supported.
I use Hebrew, and as such this aspect of unicode is very important to me (and
many other people around me.) is there any work done on this subject? Can I
help this effort by testing or even writing code? I can probably gather more
Bidi users for testing then most of the people on the project.
dose someone on one of the mailing lists know how is in charge of this subject
in the linux unicode project? Is there someone in the MULE community who can
guide me to the right place in the code to add such support?
                thanks in advance,
                        Matan Ninio, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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