Re: (Re: Unicode mapping table need help) Euro sign encoding

Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 21:42:37 EDT

       You missed my point: with the fix I indicated, the fonts work
       regardless of whether the MS patch is installed or not.


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             encoding wrote:
> The trick is to get
> the euro glyph to show up whenever a document contains x80
       (assuming, of cours
> we're dealing with cp1252) regardless of which OS is used,
       i.e. regardless of > which mapping is used. The way to do this
       is to have the cmap in the font make > both U+0080 and U+20AC
       point to the euro glyph.

       A cleaner way would be to install the new CP1252 -> Unicode
       converter, which I thought was part of the euro package
       available from MS. If people only install the fonts (without
       the converter) they won't get the euro to work with CP1252.


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