Re: mapping Shift-JIS user-defined chars to Unicode

From: Masahiko Maedera (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 06:14:09 EDT

Shift-JIS has 1880 characters for private use.
And they are mapped into Unicode as the following way.

Shift-JIS Unicode
0xF040 - 0xF0FC (excluding 0xF07F) ---> U+E000 - U+E0BB
0xF140 - 0xF1FC (excluding 0xF17F) ---> U+E0BC - U+E177
... same way ...
0xF940 - 0xF9FC (excluding 0xF97F) ---> U+E69C - U+E757

0xFAxx - 0xFCxx are reserved but I don't know exact reasons.

*** However, This is a very important notice. ***

Now JCS-WG2 ( is prohibiting
to use all of these area privately.
and new JIS characters (called JIS level 3rd, 4th) will be
mapped in these area. Some of these characters may be mapped
into CJK Extension A (U+3400 - U+4DFF).
So developers should create new mapping table for them.

  1999/06/11 Masahiko Maedera (Lotus Development Japan)

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