Re: diaeresis/umlaut

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 20:45:25 EDT

Figge, Donald scripsit:

> The fact that the diaeresis and the umlaut have the same
> design should be irrelevant to Unicode, which is character-(not glyph-)
> oriented.

Well, there are exceptions, and combining characters are one of them.
The combining marks are used for so many different things that trying
to sort out semantic functions is pretty hopeless.

        In Irish, acute marks long vowels.
        In Spanish, acute marks stress.
        In Catalan, acute marks stressed open vowels.
        In Italian, grave marks stress.
        In Scots Gaelic, grave marks long vowels.
        In Latin, macron marks long vowels.
        In Hausa, acute marks high tone.

<span lang="en_th">Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.</span>

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