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Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 03:46:13 EDT

On 8/7/1999, at 2:50 рм, De Leo Elena wrote (among others):

>Is there any specific reason for not including precomposed GREEK CAPITAL LETTER

My impression is that it was forgotten; the competent Greek Committee probably did not have in mind the few words beginning with RHO WITH PSILI, but rather an old spelling habit of placing breathings on double rho within words (e.g. diarrhoea - where the first would be a RHO WITH PSILI and the second a RHO WITH DASIA). That explains why there is no corresponding CAPITAL RHO WITH PSILI. This omission has already been noted in a number of papers, but I do not know whether a proposal to include this character in the standard has already been submitted or not.

Another omission is the characters EPSILON and OMICRON with PERISPOMENI, which were probably considered for precomposed, but rejected as too specialized/academic.

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