Re: Support for symbol fonts

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sat Jul 24 1999 - 15:55:02 EDT

Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK, wrote:
> By the way, the bracket fragments were in Frank da Cruz's terminal
> symbol proposal, for which I completely forgot to scan and publish a
> number of exhibits that Frank has sent me as a basis for further
> discussion. Will be on the web next week. Sorry for the delay.
Better late than never :-) I also promised to send a Unicode plain text
proposal, but then real life intruded. It's not forgotten.

Meanwhile, there might be some hope for the bracket pieces in the
math plain-text work.

Again, the rationale is to be able to construct mathematical expressions
on character-cell devices where we don't have GUI fonts and rendering
engines (primarily when emulating terminals and printers that do this in
applications that are Unicode-based). In this case we don't have to
worry too much about alignment since these devices are monospaced.

Obviously bracket pieces are not the preferred method for rendering math
in the GUI environment.

- Frank

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