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From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 04:36:21 EDT

At 12:25 -0700 7/24/1999, Markus Kuhn wrote:
>Erik van der Poel wrote on 1999-07-24 16:53 UTC:
>> >*
>> > The X server will be extended by a simple
>> > conversion function that can generate on-the-fly legacy encodings such
>> > as CP1252, KOI-8, CP1252, JIS X 208, etc. from the ISO 10646-1 encoded
>> > source fonts.
>> I'm pretty sure you are aware of the Han unification issues, but I think
>> you would be more successful if you treat CJK with care. I.e. when
>> making a JIS X 0208 font available, make sure the glyphs are
>> "Japanese-style" and not Chinese.
>Oh yes, we have at least one Japanese member in the XFree86 team who is
>quite vocal about these issues. :) I have started to use the convention
>that ADD_STYLE_NAME is set to "ja" in the XLFD of Japanese UCS fonts,
>such that we could indeed restrict the set of fonts that we advertise as
>being available under a JIS encoding.

Good. What about Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and

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