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Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 11:26:40 EDT

Could I then refer you to this page (In French) "Petite histoire des signes
de correction typographique"

( )?

Geographic variations of deleaturs and vertaturs are also presented. You
will notice that the German deleatur sign does correspond with the German
denarius (is Latin neutral enough ?).

 For our German readers the reference quoted for these different signs is
"DUDEN, Satzanweisungen und Korrekturvorschriften -- mit ausfürlicher
Beispielsammlung, Duden Taschenbücher 5/5a, Bibliographisches Institut,

P. Andries
Dorval (Québec)

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>Ar 12:01 -0700 1999-07-23, scríobh Asmus Freytag:
>>If there are truly multiple uses for the same sign, it might be sensible
>>move the 'PENNY" symbol to the general letterlikes and name it by its
>I guess I want to see the proposal first before I guess.
>>>Otto Stolz wrote:
>>>> The same sign is used in proof-reading to mark text to be deleted, cf.
>>>> "Duden : Rechtschreibung der deutschen Sprache", 21th ed. (1996),
>>>> ISBN 3-411-04011-4, chapter "Korrekturvorschriften", Number 11
>>>> (p. 81). In this case, it is the abbreviation for "deleatur" (Latin
>>>> for "to be deleted").
>Cappelli's dictionary of Latin and Italian manuscript abbreviations does
>not contain such a "d".
>>>Also true in American proof-reading, although Americans think of it
>>>as standing for English "delete".
>I don't think it is considered a "d" in either American or English
>proofreading, even though it means "delete". It's most often just scrawled
>as a loop.
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