Re: cedilla

Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 16:12:02 EDT

there is a wonderful set of pictures of accents at and it shows a "Cedilla" with 'C'.

another page ( says:
The cedilla originates from a small z (zedilla, in Spanish). It transcribed the
sound «s» (soft c) with a c+z combination (Z). One might recall this when
drawing it."


Michael Everson <> on 99-07-27 12:00:24
Subject: cedilla

Ar 10:30 -0700 1999-07-27, scríobh Figge, Donald:

>It can be written as a straight, angled line or as an s-like squiggle. It's
>a matter of style. The mark was derived from a small 's.'

No, it was derived from a small cursive z (kind of like a 3). Hence it's
name zed-illa.

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