Re: Printer that can handle Unicode fonts

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Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 14:45:42 EDT


I'm no great expert on this printer but work with PCL this printer's control
language. PCL does not understand fonts with more than 256 characters. I'm
surprised your LaserJet 4 works as it uses a variant of the same language.
To get over the problem you would need to generate a bit image of the page.
All Windows (3.11 and later) PCL printer drivers will do this and it doesn't
slow your print out down too much (it just uses a load of memory). To do
this open the printer and select the fonts tab, then change the font setting
to "Print TrueTypes as graphics". You should then be able to print anything
from any font. Not a great solution but workable.

Martin JD Green

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Subject: Printer that can handle Unicode fonts

> Since I've been working with some Unicode fonts, I have found that my HP
> DeskJet 722C won't print any characters above 255 in a font; it
> a lower-order character for anything in a font above that point. This
> happens with Unicode fonts from three different sources, so I'm sure the
> problem lies in the printer/printer driver. (My LaserJet 4, on the other
> hand, prints large Unicode fonts without complaint--go figure.) So I'm in
> the market for a printer.
> Can anyone recommend a decent inkjet that he/she knows won't have this
> problem? I would rather not buy something and then have to take it back
> and try to explain to the office store clerk (who has never heard of
> Unicode) why I need to return it . . .
> Thanks -- David

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