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>> My father (who is 70) and my grandmother (who is 90) still know the
>> Pfennig symbol very well.

I recall from my childhood that the German side of my family often referred
to the Pfennig. The Pfund I don't remember, but many years ago my Danish
grandmother used a weight measure called qvint. I found the following
reference to this measure, although in this instance it's spelled with a 'k'
(I believe the reference is Norwegian):

"704b vægt 2 kvint, L. E. Bruun 15431 7 gram"

A Swedish limerick spells it with a 'q,' but in this case it apparently
refers to a liquid measure(?):

Imbelupet glaset står på bräcklig fot,
kalla pilsnerflaskor lutar sig därmot.
Men där nere,
uti magens labyrintsitter
djävulen och väntar på en qvint.

I don't know how the qvint was symbolized or signed, but the point is that
there are likely many measures and monetary units no longer in use that
probably ought to be preserved in Unicode for historical reasons.


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