FW: Unicde Encoding Scheme on AS/400

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Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 19:51:48 EDT

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Subject: Unicde Encoding Scheme on AS/400

Hi, there:

I am investigating the reliability of one communication project by using
MQSeries between Solaris and AS/400 to transmit unicode in ucs-2 or utf-8.
Whether ucs-2 or utf-8 is depedent upon how the web-application(CGI,
Livewire, javascript, ...) will retrieve the data format from the national
browser. Any advise here?

I have one concern:

Unicode seems to be very ascii like. For example, I have two characters in
UTF-8 encoding:

          5A C3B8

  0101,1010 110,00011 10,111000
  (5A, ASCII for'Z') (sample utf-8 for 2 byte character)

The first character is ascii 'Z', I am not sure the second character, I just
pick it up as an example.

AS these two charaters are trnasmitted to the AS/400 platform, does that
mean it will be converted something like this:

 1110,1001 110,00011 10,111000
 (E9, EBCDIC for 'Z') (keep the same as above or ???)

Or I am totalloy got lost?

Is there any encoding standard of unicode based upon EBCDIC?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks. Xue-Chun.

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