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i cannot tell you if mqseries will convert the string. i would hope not (it
would have to know or assume the source codepage).

as for the unicode vs. ebcdic question, there is indeed an encoding of unicode
that is as ebcdic-safe as utf-8 is ascii- or unix-safe: see the fairly new
unicode technical report about it at . it may or may not be useful in
your particular situation.


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Subject: FW: Unicde Encoding Scheme on AS/400

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Subject: Unicde Encoding Scheme on AS/400

Hi, there:

I am investigating the reliability of one communication project by using
MQSeries between Solaris and AS/400 to transmit unicode in ucs-2 or utf-8.
Whether ucs-2 or utf-8 is depedent upon how the web-application(CGI,
Livewire, javascript, ...) will retrieve the data format from the national
browser. Any advise here?

I have one concern:

Unicode seems to be very ascii like. For example, I have two characters in
UTF-8 encoding:

          5A C3B8

  0101,1010 110,00011 10,111000
  (5A, ASCII for'Z') (sample utf-8 for 2 byte character)

The first character is ascii 'Z', I am not sure the second character, I just
pick it up as an example.

AS these two charaters are trnasmitted to the AS/400 platform, does that
mean it will be converted something like this:

 1110,1001 110,00011 10,111000
 (E9, EBCDIC for 'Z') (keep the same as above or ???)

Or I am totalloy got lost?

Is there any encoding standard of unicode based upon EBCDIC?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks. Xue-Chun.

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