Re: Letter: a normative or informative property in Unicode 3.0?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 16:49:15 EDT

John Cowan asked:

> It seems that being an uppercase, lowercase, or titlecase letter is
> a normative property, but being a letter (Lu | Ll | Lt | Lm | Lo) is
> merely informative, because Lm and Lo are merely informative.
> Can this be right? I have no access to the Unicode 3.0 draft document,
> so I'm basing this on

Yes, indeedy. This is a result of the grotesquely overloaded duty to
which the "General Category" has been assigned. But it is an attempt
to reflect the fact that the Unicode Standard *does* attempt to make
a normative statement about the case of letters (i.e. LATIN SMALL LETTER A
is and *MUST* be treated as lowercase to be conformant to the standard),
whereas the letterness and alphaness of characters fade off around the
edges, and are only provided as informative guidelines at this point.

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