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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 18:09:23 EDT


Thanks, I'll check it out.
I got another question according to the Hindi rendering rule in Unicode 2.0
book on page 6-38 to 6-44. Except, RA, VIRAMA and other vowels, if there
are one or more of sequences of LIVE consonants, the presentation forms
of those consonants won't be changed (ligatured) at all, correct ?
(unless you got to make some of them being DEAD consonants first)

Chookij V.

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] Not to my knowledge, you may find some helpful information though in the ISI
] standards
] for Devanagari script for use in schoolbooks (I cannot remember the exact
] reference of
] this standard, but I've seen it) The ISCII standard isn't much helpfull in
] this respect, the
] C-Dac implementations give some information, and even claim a standard
] (ISFOC), about which
] they are, however, a bit secretive, and these ignore a large number of
] ligatures, because
] they had only a limited number of glyphs they could get in a windows font,
] and
] it should be remembered that the number of ligatures differ very much from
] one
] publisher/font/writer, etc to another, and I don't believe a real standard
] does excist.
] Jeroen Hellingman
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] >Is there any indian nation standard or industry standard for all hindi
] ligature
] >glyphs required in the font layout for hindi script ?

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