Bachflash to the discussion about German handwriting

From: Akerbeltz Alba (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 14:29:45 EDT

Something has been nagging my mind all this time about this thing about
glyph variants and the two systems not being used in one text. Last night
around 2 am I finally remembered.
Everybody who's been to a german school, get a report card and look at the
last page - the main body of the report card is all in Latin, but the
company which prints these things, Firma Maiß, writes itself in German
Apart from that ... since German mathematicians do seem to employ the German
handwriting (see my e-mail from the 4th) shouldn't it therefore be included
in a future version of unicode?


>I seem to know the wrong people ... Fraktur and the German handwriting have
>certainly not died (yet), only marginalized
>I have asked a friend who is studying maths in Munich (she's in her last
>year). She says that all the students there have to be familiar with the
>handwritten form, both recognition and reproduction, as the professors use
>both (remember the vector business?) So far for the unfamiliarity amongst
>the German math intellegentia.


Eztogu erdarazko itzik aotan erabili bear,
   esan nai doguna euskarazko itzakaz esan daikegunean

We do not have to use foreign words in our mouths
  when that which we wish to say may be expressed with Basque words

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