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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 00:50:16 EDT

The only instances where I have been able to verify use of Suetterlin in
math have been literally hand-written ones (blackboard, hand-drawn
diagrams) and in both cases the corresponding *typeset* material (textbook,
text explaining diagram) have been using Fraktur as the typeset counterpart
to Suetterlin, with the corresponding letters indicating the equivalent

Unles we get some example where a mathematical text uses Fraktur a in
distinction from Suetterlin a, we can't make the case for encoding as a
math-styled alphabetic. (The use of Suetterlin in logos is properly
addressed as a font variation.) So if you can rustle up an example of a
Suetterlin a meaning something different than a Fraktur a in the same text,
please send it to me. I have only found examples where the two mean the
*same thing* in the same text.


At 01:58 PM 8/11/99 -0700, Akerbeltz Alba wrote:
>Something has been nagging my mind all this time about this thing about
>glyph variants and the two systems not being used in one text. Last night
>around 2 am I finally remembered.
>Everybody who's been to a german school, get a report card and look at the
>last page - the main body of the report card is all in Latin, but the
>company which prints these things, Firma Maiß, writes itself in German
>Apart from that ... since German mathematicians do seem to employ the German
>handwriting (see my e-mail from the 4th) shouldn't it therefore be included
>in a future version of unicode?
>>I seem to know the wrong people ... Fraktur and the German handwriting have
>>certainly not died (yet), only marginalized
>>I have asked a friend who is studying maths in Munich (she's in her last
>>year). She says that all the students there have to be familiar with the
>>handwritten form, both recognition and reproduction, as the professors use
>>both (remember the vector business?) So far for the unfamiliarity amongst
>>the German math intellegentia.
>Eztogu erdarazko itzik aotan erabili bear,
> esan nai doguna euskarazko itzakaz esan daikegunean
>We do not have to use foreign words in our mouths
> when that which we wish to say may be expressed with Basque words

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