Re: New Tai Lue script

Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 14:22:48 EDT

       Ar 06:37 -0700 1999-08-12, scríobh

> New Tai Lue script is included in the roadmap for the
       BMP (see
> U+19xx at http:
> but has not yet been included in Unicode/ISO 10646.
       These fonts
> assume 8-bit encoded text, and the Windows fonts are
> symbol-encoded. It is our hope that making this package
> available will contribute to the eventual goal of
       seeing this
> script included is this important standard.

       Michael Everson replied:
>Well, now. I guess that was aimed at me.... so I'd better go
       look at the fonts! Yum!

       Not really; I figured some people might wonder why a notice was
       going out on the Unicode list for a font that doesn't use
       Unicode as its encoding, so I thought I should give a little
       explanation. Apparently it got your attention, though, so it
       had a benefit I hadn't anticipated.



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