Re: Unicode and Kermit

Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 13:45:00 EDT

>> This is not quite true: BOM is not quite a NO-OP; it does
       need to be removed > from a file. For example, f I split a file
       into two, then concatenate, the > result should be identical to
       the original--it isn't unless I remove the BOM.

>True. But what effect does the extra ZWNBSP have in such a
       case? Nearly none: the character is zero-width, does not affect
       breaking, etc. (If the file was broken between a base
       character and its combining character(s), then you may have a

       Should we also expect that the extra ZWNBSP might also affect
       cursor movement & selection using, e.g., ctrl-right arrow (the
       ZWNBSP might appear as a word boundary where none existed prior
       to the split/concatenation)?


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