Re: Text and Anti-Text

Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 13:02:57 EDT

hello and welcome to the unicode list,

your proposal is interesting. i don't know what other proposals were entertained
for bit 31, but it is indeed unused in 10646. the unicode actually uses only 21b
(up to 0x10ffff).
as far as i understand, your suggestion would force every character to be
encoded using 32b. i boldly make the forecast that hardly anyone here is going
to subscribe to this. of course, internally, you can store text in any way you
want, but the unicoders are already fighting an uphill battle to go beyond 8b,
and the mixed-length, 16b-based standard format seems to be the maximum for
convincing people - if they don't reject that already.
in other words, you may write an editor or browser or so using this internally,
without changing the existing standards, but don't expect many other people to
accept this as an interchange format.

good luck and best regards,


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