Re: Last Call: UTF-16, an encoding of ISO 10646 to Informational

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 12:32:45 EDT

Ar 08:55 -0700 1999-08-15, scríobh Patrik Fältström:
>--On sön 15 aug 1999 17.43 +0200 wrote:
>> I have a problem with UTF-16 being a MIME charset, as I do not believe
>> it qualifies, UTF-16 covers over at least 2 encodings:
>> 1. big-endian encoding
>> 2. little-endian encoding.
>> To make UTF-16 a MIME charset you need to qualify which encoding
>> form (big/litte endian) that you are using.
>Just checking: you say that the registration of UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE as
>the two registered names to be used in MIME is wrong?
>I.e. from my point of view, Paul tries to register three different names
>which can be used in MIME:
>I need to, as area director, to know wether it is wrong or right to do this

(Amusing note on English spelling: a "wether" is a castrated ram ("hammel",
but cf. "vädur"). You mean "whether"....)

But my guess is that you should have a MIME alias when there is a unique
escape sequence in the ISO-IR. So if the ISO-IR specified 3 escape
sequences for UTF-16, then you'd need 3 different MIME names. But Keld will
doubtless correct me if I am wrong.

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