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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 13:31:55 EDT

Although, I did not participate in the design of this table, I may hazard a

There are, I believe, the different variants of the same runes : Gothic,
Anglo-frisian and Norse variants, plus some punctuation marks at the end. So
one finds, for instance, RUNIC LETTER HAGLAZ H, RUNIC HAEGL H, both
represent an « H » but in different tradition and slightly differently
shaped. When runes are identical in all three traditions their names
indicates it, e.g. : RUNIC LETTER FEHU FEOH FE F.

P. Andries

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>The Futhorc (Runic) script is allocated space in Unicode 3 beta. There are
>_81_ characters assigned to it.
>A lot of these are the ones commonly used in Northern Europe for writing
>Norse, Old English, etc... However, I cannot find where the other 50 or so
>characters come from. Does anyone know?

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