RE: TeX (was: apostrophe etc.)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 06:00:37 EDT

Ar 13:12 -0700 1999-08-19, scríobh Murray Sargent:
>I kind of like the two spaces after the period at the end of the sentence
>since it's a cue to the editor/layout program that it's really the end of a
>sentence and not an abbreviation. As Scott points out, the layout program
>can have the smarts to do the right thing given the two spaces, but it's
>hard to have enough smarts to distinguish between arbitrary abbreviations
>and an end of sentence.
>So actually, Michael, there is a modern reason for two spaces at the end of
>a sentence :-)

One can easily imagine ending a sentence with an abbrv.

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