Re: The 'phi' and 'phi symbol' glyph mess

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 04:21:17 EDT

Robert Herzog wrote on 1999-08-24 07:45 UTC:
> So please swap the glyph images of U+03C6 and U+03D5 in the Unicode standard

I made the same suggestion a week ago, and Asmus Freytag
<> replied privately that Unicode 3.0 will indeed
swap the example glyphs for the above two characters (just an editorial
change, no change of character name or semantics), as most font
designers competent in Greek typography have already done anyway. So if
the X11 fonts on <>
do not agree with the charts in Unicode 2.0 for the PHI and PHI SYMBOL,
then this is really a feature, not a bug. See also the issues.txt file
in this package for further references, e.g. Constantine Stathopoulos
recommended <>:

  For these and other issues, I would highly recommend Dr. Haralambous'
  "From Unicode to Typography, a Case Study: the Greek Script,
  Proceedings of the 11th Unicode Conference, Boston, 1999" available at
  <>. (Caveat: the file
  is 4 MB big!)

  Dr. Haralambous is a Doctor of Mathematics and a TeX expert (co-author
  of Omega). A significant part of his paper is dedicated to Greek in


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