Re: Characters in Private Use Area

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 14:57:56 EDT


Thanks for the prompt reply.

> This is not a problem with software from Microsoft
That's good to know--Word is a very important app.
> Apple and Adobe both have characters that they have assigned in
> the PUA range.
I read something from Adobe a while back (details escape me, although I
might be able to find the stuff) that suggested their PUA characters were
towards the top of the range--F200 or somewhere up there. So I began at
the beginning (E000) and I guess I will just leave the characters there
unless someone else knows of a good reason to move them.

> I understand that Tavultesoft is in process of developing a
> Unicode-capable version of the Keyman product.
Terrific! I encountered Keyman a couple of years ago and suggested it as
one way for users to enter the characters in the 256-character font that
preceded the current project. A Unicode version might be just what we
need, so I will go visit their website.

Thanks again -- David

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