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Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 16:47:19 EDT

Marion Gunn wrote on 1999-08-24 19:03 UTC:
> Ar 20:50 -0000 1999-08-23, scríobh Tom Emerson:
> >...
> >- Add digest support to each of these. The traffic wouldn't always be so bad
> >if we had digests that could be skimmed quickly once a day.
> >...]
> Yes, please, please, please, please. (Years since I first requested that.)
> mg

No. Just configure your mail software such that it sorts messages with
the line "To:" into a separate folder and check this
folder once a day. Same effect. Years since I first did that, and it
still works beautifully. Such mail filters are common standard today
even with the simplest freeware email software. List digests are a thing
of the past, as are discussions about off-topic threads, because your
local mail presentation software can deal with all these problems best.

If you use Internet access software without message filter functions
(did I hear "legacy"?) that was written before AOL was connected to the
Internet (and thus mailing lists commonly became uncontrollable), you
should urgently update anyway, because you won't be able to read
beautiful UTF-8 messages either ...

There is one annoying thing however, that my local mail filters can
*not* protect me from: Each time I post to, I get a
half a flood of silly vacation messages that tell me that some
pointy-haired boss is somewhere out-of-office right now. Misconfigured
vacation message function that answer on mailing list postings are
really annoying and are also an excellent way of discrediting yourself
as an information technology expert worldwide, really fast.


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