New I18N Roundtable

From: Ulrich Henes (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 23:13:22 EDT

The Localization Institute is offering a new roundtable
conference this fall:

17-19 October, 1999 in Estes Park, CO

Advisory Board:

Tom McFarland, Hewlett-Packard, Chair
Regina Bustamante, Silicon Graphics
Tim Greenwood, Open Market, Inc.
Bill Hall, SimulTrans
Sandra Martin O'Donnell, Compaq

The I18N Roundtable is a two-day conference specifically for
technical leads, software architects, and SW engineers who have
designed/implemented internationalized software solutions and/or

Project managers of internationalized software projects will also
benefit from this roundtable.

Details at:


-Create a channel of open communication for implementers
to discuss different methods, models, processes, and tools for
creating internationalized software solutions.
-Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas.
-Sharing of experiences.
-Frank and free discussions of issues confronting all developers
of internationalized software.
-Open discussion of trends in I18N and directions in relevant
technologies (e.g. WWW).
-Networking with other I18N implementers.

-Attendees should already be familiar with the concept of
-They should have implemented at least one internationalized
project; ideally, that project has also been localized.

The roundtable is open to vendors who provide internationalization

How does a Roundtable work?

Most Roundtable attendees have two or more years of experience
in internationalization or localization. As a result, presentations and
discussions deal with advanced topics. The format of a Roundtable relies
on short presentations, some of them impromptu, followed by extensive
discussions involving as many attendees as possible. For people looking
for basic training and education, we recommend one of our
internationalization seminars instead.

The "interactive" approach extends to how the agenda is determined.
With the help of the advisory board, we create a list of about 15 topics
which are listed on the I18N Roundtable web site several weeks prior to
the conference.

People considering attending the Roundtable have a chance
to pick their top five topics from that list. Based on their vote,
the advisory board creates the agenda, and appoints chairs for
the topic areas.

Conference Fee: $900.

Room and meals cost: $290 for two nights' stay, includes all meals
and taxes as well. If you wish to have a spouse, friend, or children
accompany you, additional cost is as follows:

-Spouse or friend: $100 additional charge for all meals and two
nights' stay.
-Children ages 3-15: $40 additional charge per child for all meals
and two nights' stay.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to
contact me.

Ulrich Henes

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send us a message with "Remove" in the subject
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