Re: Genesis of Sharp-S (was: Contra Universal Writing Systems)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 14:56:45 EDT


> Actually, the Sharp-S is derived from a ligature of U+017F followed by U+0292,
> and I suggest to add a remark to U+00DF saying so.

As I stated earlier this week, the editors would appreciate a
respite from suggestions for things to go into the book.

That said, I appreciate the scholarly elucidation of the history of
the ligature for sharp-s.

However, the book is going out with a short note that reflects
Jan Tschichold's view (U+017F + U+0073). Further discussion of whether
this is correct, or whether the ligature derives from U+017F + U+0292
(which I consider problematical, since 0292 is a fairly recent
characters), or from U+017F + U+007A in a handwritten German form that
looks like 0292, belongs elsewhere -- perhaps in a book on the history
of Latin characters and typography. The Unicode Standard is not the
place to resolve squabbles between eminent philologists and renowned


* tosses note on pile of things to think about for Unicode 4.0 *

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