Re: Normalization Form KC for Linux

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 05:03:32 EDT

> >For example:
> >- having non spacing combining characters after instead of
> >before base character.
> I understood that it's much better to have them after.
I have not yet located why. I can see ways were software can
handle them much easier if they comes before.

> >- not accepting that some glyphs that look like it is a combined
> >character, is not a combined character but instead a character
> >in itself and should have a code value of itself.
> Apart from dotless j I can't think of any examples of this. Swedish does
> not differ in any way from French (or indeed Swedish) , except in the
> minds of Swedes.

Well the Swedish alphabet includes but not . The last is an
"a with an accent above", while is a letter in itself.
Just because the glyph looks like an "a with two dots above", it is not.
It is wrong to decompose a character just because its glyph looks
like being composed of an accent and an other character.


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