Re: Suggestions for modification - Malayalam

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 19:23:46 EDT

Cibu C Johny <> wrote:

> I have few suggestions and questions regarding Malayalam unicode.
> This is in suppliment to Jeroen's suggestions.
> I dont know whether I am too late to put these. Anyway...

> 1. Location of VOCALIC RR and VOCALIC LL should be after VOCALIC
> R and VOCALIC L respectively. (That is, like other vowels.)

> 2. Simillarly, the positions of LA, VA, SHA, SSA, SA, HA, LLA, LLLA and
> are different from the order followed in Malayalam dictionaries.
> Above mentioned order is the one followed traditionally.

Once characters are in the standard their location in the encoding cannot be
changed since that would break existing implementations.

- Chris

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