Suggestions for modification - Malayalam

Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 17:07:55 EDT

I have few suggestions and questions regarding Malayalam unicode.
This is in suppliment to Jeroen's suggestions.
I dont know whether I am too late to put these. Anyway...

1. Location of VOCALIC RR and VOCALIC LL should be after VOCALIC
   R and VOCALIC L respectively. (That is, like other vowels.)

2. Simillarly, the positions of LA, VA, SHA, SSA, SA, HA, LLA, LLLA and RRA
   are different from the order followed in Malayalam dictionaries.
   Above mentioned order is the one followed traditionally.

3. What is the difference between symbol for AU and AU length mark ?

4. How to write symbols of the vowels or consonants alone?
   That is, without writing it close to another consonant.


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This is one of the issues in Indic scripts, Unicode does not yet
address. My guess would be to have a zero width joiner somewhere
in betweem the consonant and the viram to get this letter analogue to
the way half letters are produced in Devanagari.

Another issue is how to represent a cillu letter with a subscribed
consonant, I've made some proposals that can be viewed

but these pages are in dire need of upgrading.


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