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Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 13:34:34 EDT

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>I have few suggestions and questions regarding Malayalam unicode.
>This is in suppliment to Jeroen's suggestions.
>I dont know whether I am too late to put these. Anyway...
>1. Location of VOCALIC RR and VOCALIC LL should be after VOCALIC
> R and VOCALIC L respectively. (That is, like other vowels.)

>2. Simillarly, the positions of LA, VA, SHA, SSA, SA, HA, LLA, LLLA and
> are different from the order followed in Malayalam dictionaries.
> Above mentioned order is the one followed traditionally.

There is absolutely no need to have characters in alphabetical order in the
standard. In Kerala itself, different orders are in use already. Software
easily define a mapping from character to some sorting value (which need
not be one-to-one at all)

>3. What is the difference between symbol for AU and AU length mark ?

I traditional script (before the 1974 script reform) AU was a two part
character. The Unicode standard writers probably only had a reference for
traditional script. It does no harm though.

>4. How to write symbols of the vowels or consonants alone?
> That is, without writing it close to another consonant.

Type them after a space. This is probably implementation dependent. Some
implementations may choose to show them on a dotted circle in that
case, as does the standard book.

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Jeroen Hellingman

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