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> >3. What is the difference between symbol for AU and AU length mark ?
> I traditional script (before the 1974 script reform) AU was a two part
> character. The Unicode standard writers probably only had a reference for
> the
> traditional script. It does no harm though.
> Jeroen Hellingman
  I believe a separate code for length marks is found in Unicode encoding
of several Indic scripts when the vowel sign appears on two sides of a
consonant (or consonant cluster). It does not exist in ISCII. Its
presence may be due to the inability of some Western computers to deal
with "discontinuous" characters. It seems to be a vestigal remain from a
graphic rather than phonetic approach to encoding Indic scripts. I suspect
it makes sorting more difficult--what constitutes 'harm' I cannot
say--but I fear it cannot be eliminated. I do not know Malayalam.
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