Re: IPA a vowels

Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 10:44:29 EDT

>I remain a bit skeptical. You are focusing here on the freedom
       of the font designer, who usually has a lot of freedom for the
       design of the latin small letter a, but which is severely
       restricted as soon as the font is also used to display IPA,
       because there the a needs to have specific features. On the
       other hand, IPA was really intended as an extension of the
       Latin script, and not as a script of its own, and many African
       languages make heavy use of some selected IPA letters in their

       Ah, but there should be a measure of freedom for African type
       designers to stray from the original shapes to something that
       might no longer be acceptable for the purpses of IPA. There
       must be a clear distinction between IPA as phonetic
       transcription for research purposes, and IPA as a source of
       graphemes for an orthography. There is a degree of freedom of
       glyph shapes in orthographies that doesn't exist in IPA.


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